Married couple visit & experience a sex club

A Married Wife’s Experiences Visiting A Local Sex Club

Samantha had not been planning on getting naked – yet everything altered when she arrived. I’m not a pervert. And while I appreciate sex, I’m not into anything out there or outrageous.

This is why I was surprised to discover myself, a couple of weeks earlier, having sex with my spouse while a team of strangers watched & cheered us on.

Exactly how did it come to this?

Out on a Tuesday evening date a few weeks ago, my husband and I were walking around the neighborhood shopping & business district with a post-meal gelato when we discovered a Couples Club.

Intrigued, we Googled it to see what that very discreet unmarked door was hiding.

Ends up, it’s a sex club, and its regular monthly First Time Saturday evening was this weekend. On a whim, we made a decision to go along & check it out.

Swap or not?

We really did not go with the explicit intention of swapping partners or perhaps “playing” (as the website explained) with others – we were simply interested and also eager to check out something sexually brand-new.

We enjoy seeing strip clubs together (who doesn’t enjoy a stunning lady dance around?) so we understood we would certainly be comfortable with nudity, but we set out a few guidelines before we went.

For us, we made a decision if we seemed to like it, we would be game to make love in front of others. We weren’t up for letting others join in though and also concurred if it was something either of us wished to carry out, we’d speak about it after that evening.

Our First Time Saturday

The weekend rolled around, and I had a glass of wine while preparing myself for the evening.

Excitedly, I put on a new set of lingerie as well as sent a selfie to my BFF. We grabbed a bottle of our favorite wine and jumped in a taxi – the club is BYOB – you bring your own alcohol & a bartender can serve it to you.

As quickly as we got there, we were humming. After climbing down several stairways, we arrived at the entryway where we were informed of the rules. Basically, if someone puts up a palm, it indicates “no”.

Besides that, the jacuzzi, outside terrace, and lounges were our proverbial playground.

Getting into the right frame of mind.

We headed to the bar to have a glass or 2 of wine to initially absorb the scene. TV displays revealed numerous adult movies, there was a pole dancer post in the center of the space, and the bartender was in fishnets and undergarments.

There we other couples were spending time at the bar, and within moments, a woman was bent over and being spanked. It was quite fun to watch everyone’s reactions to the impromptu spanking.

As we completed our beverages, a professional dancer started to erotic dance on the pole. An older guy noisily whooped and screamed throughout the entire dance, so we decided that was our cue to go downstairs and see more.

A number of open yet separate rooms had different beds and couches scattered around, a lot were occupied with couples making love or several people entangled up in each other.

Props like whips and also paddles enhanced the areas, and also there were add-ons against some wall surfaces to connect someone up with.

Our turn

My husband and I saw a little, vacant area consisting of one small round bed. We shrugged and thought “why the hell not?”.

I jumped on top, and while were we in there, a steady stream of people & other couples approached to try to join us or simply to watch.

For me, I wasn’t specifically interested in that, and it didn’t bother me either as we knew this could occur when we agreed to the house rules. But it was fun & turn on thinking of those people watching us.

Our thoughts

We got dressed and left, we were both very happy we went (and came). Will we go back? Maybe. For now, we have other things we’d like to explore as a couple, from visiting a nudist beach to attending some tantra sex lessons.

Every couple has to communicate and work out what fetishes & sexual adventures they’d like to experience, and if watching others is of interest, then it’s most definitely worth checking out.